Pen to Paper ~ Poetry

The True Romantic

I think of you most everyday
and dream of what could be.
To hold and understand the truths
are all I wish to see.
I ask of you to listen dear
and catch me if I fall.
I'm asking you to love me
but yourself, most over all.
To never change my wicked ways
the eyes that say "I do."
The adventure of dear life itself
romanticise with you.
If what we had should ever leave
the door then we must close.
The windows of your soul, your song.
The pain that someone knows.

To never whisper, lips that touched
you knew I loved you very much.
To never die when I shall wake,
or say "it's been a big mistake."

If all were good and some were bad,
I thank you for the time we had.
And all were bad and some were good,
the closing door I understood.

The marks inflicted, victims cry
and never spoken words.
The deafness of sweet ignorance,
the songs I never heard.
But songs we sang and sung them well,
these words I'll always hear.
And trust me in this heart, please dear.
For them I've shed the tears.

The always laughter, weathered words
the song that still remains unheard.
The songs we're singing now, please sing.
the eyes that say "I do." The rings.
On fingers touched, unspoken minds.
"I'm glad I met you!" Time unwinds.

If all were good, and some were bad,
then thankyou for the time we had.
And all were bad and some were good.
That closing door, I understood.

© Copyright Steven Clay Walker

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