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I saw you come and pass and go
Andy's Song
by Steven Clay Walker

'Amazing' - for Johnette Napolitano
Pastel/paper - 2007 - Steven Walker

This drawing is my thank yous to an artist who has blessed my life for many years now. Over the years I have collaborated a gallery of works whilst listening to the voice of this incredible woman. Johnette Napolitano is the vocalist, song writer, bass guitarist of the group "Concrete Blonde". "Scarred" Solo Album is her latest contribution to the world, released May 28 this year (Hybrid records NYC), and the opening song to this mighty fine CD is the song called "Amazing". It inspired me to create this piece simply because of the strength and honesty of the lyrics and how Johnette, who's voice is raw, powerful and just f*cken beautiful, (putting it bluntly!) has been a blessing in my life for many years.

I thank this beautiful woman for her true wonderful self and her influences upon me as an adolescent to now. I do hope you enjoy this gallery of works and urge anyone and everyone to check out her web space. "Scarred" is free listening (the whole album), and if you like what you hear, you can purchase various ways. I've collected nearly everything, not obsessed, just very inspired - thank you, Johnette Napolitano :))

Brief Bio - Johnette Napolitano
Born September 22, 1957. Hollywood, California
"Dream 6"
"Concrete Blonde"
- Concrete Blonde
- Free
- Bloodletting
- Walking in London
- Mexican Moon
- Concrete Blonde y Los Illegals
- Group Therapy
- Live in Brazil (2 disc)
- Mojave
- The Real Thing

Other contributions -
Vowel Movement - Johette Napolitano/Holly Vincent
The Heads - Johnette with Debbie Harry "Punk Lolita"
Other "Damage I've Done" vocals.
Sketchbook 1 and 2
Scar Catfish

Latest solo vocal release "Scarred"
Particularly Love songs "Amazing", "Song for the Native"

Everything for Everyone" is brilliant and anyone who's heard "The Scientist", should hear Johnette's version.

Johnette has also made many other contributions to the world with songs many folk would remember from films
A cover of Leonard Cohen's "Everybody Knows" perfomed by Johnette for 'Christian Slater' movie - "Pump Up The Volume".

Other films
"Candy" Australian film featuring "Heath Ledger" "Wedding theme"
"West" - Australian film written and directed by "Daniel Krige" Title Song - "Falling in Love".

Also a visual artist, this is a woman whose voice you can honestly lose yourself in. There are many more things Johnette has done and achieved in her lifetime, and to many more fine and beautiful words to come. This lady just keeps on rocking. To check out further info. Must see -

I contribute this web space to urge the world to take a look at a woman who is an artist of many descriptions. Her talents as a vocalist are beautiful, raw. Lyrics written to her songs, speak of honesty, experience but must of all - the compassion and true delivery of each and every word - felt! Yes a visual artist, singer/songwriter, bassist, humanitarian, but most importantly- true
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